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This is MJ O’Shea:) I’m here to talk about some of the characters in my newest book Corkscrewed! Corkscrewed is a twisty romantic comedy about one vineyard, three con artists, a very smart older lady, and a whole cast of minor characters who might be after all her money. Two of them just happen to steal each other’s hearts in the process.

First we have our two main characters:

Cary is a master con artist. He’s only in his early 30s but he’s been active for years. He’s cynical but sophisticated, excellent at slipping into whatever persona his current con requires. He’s tall and blond and golden skinned, which of course doesn’t hurt when it comes time to charm the ladies…or the men!

Isaac isn’t quite as experienced. He was trained by one of the best, but he relies on that training rather than natural abilities. He’s only 24 but he’s been taught to use his dark hair and big light eyes to get what he wants. Only, the thing he wants most is a family.

There are a few other players as well!

Marigold: She’s in her 80s but Marigold is sharper than a tack! She runs a vineyard and a huge house and is a lot more sly than most of the characters give her credit for. Marigold came from nothing, but married one of the richest vineyard owners in Sonoma. She loved him until he passed away and is carrying on his legacy.

Jules: she’s Cary’s “assistant” but is equal to him in every way. She got in trouble with the government when she was younger for pulling a computer maneuver that should’ve been impossible. Now she does tech for Cary and runs a few of her own complicated schemes on the side.

Roman: Roman pulled Isaac off the street and taught him everything he knows. He’s like a grandfather to Isaac and the only family Isaac has.

Kitty: Kitty is Marigold’s vineyard manager. She’s prickly and she doesn’t seem to trust Isaac or Cary. Probably for good reason…

The Black Mamba: The black mamba is the most elusive character of them all. Nobody knows who she is other than the most legendary con artist alive. She’s pulled off cons that nobody thought were possible and has a collection of arts and treasures that is unequalled. The only question is…what does she look like and when will she strike again?

So there we have it! The characters from my newest book Corkscrewed:) Thank you for having me stop by!!

MJ O’Shea
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