Made for Each Other

I’m the first to admit our relationship is a little unusual. People who’ve spent any time at all with us notice and comment on our strong attraction to each other. Yeah, it’s that obvious.

We can’t help it. We were made for each other. In fact, I wonder if either of us could survive for long without the other. People who see us together have even said as much.

Spend just a few minutes with us and it’s obvious we love each other. We’re always giving each other adoring looks, reassuring touches, and affection. When we’re apart, our longing for each other is apparent to the people around us.

I’m talking, of course, about me and Toodles–my five pound, long-haired chihuahua. We are absolutely crazy about each other.  If we could, we’d spend every minute together. We’ve got it bad.

She sleeps curled up under my chin every night. I sleep on my side and tend to turn over several times a night. When I move, she jumps up on the pillow above my head, waits for me to stop moving, then squirms back in so my chin rests on her head or flank. My partner says we’re adorable.

In the morning I have to carry her outside to the poop zone. I set her down, she does her business, and then I pick her up and carry her back to the house. The entire operation takes less than five minutes.

Because she’s so short and has such long hair, she’s sometimes traumatized by dooty-hangers. I don’t have to see the mess to know it’s there. She tucks her tail between her legs, runs to me, and stands between my feet waiting for me to pick her up and wash her off. Once I towel her off, she’s her normal, happy self.

If I’m out of town overnight, Toodles lays on the rug and watches the garage door with her head on her paws. If I’m gone for more than one night, she’ll eventually cozy up to my partner. Life goes on.

Sometimes I’ll take her with me to work or to visit friends. She might say hello to people she’s met before and knows well. Or not. Mostly she’s content to lay beside me, on my feet, or on my desk. Other people don’t think much of this behavior. I find it adorable.

Another couple we visit frequently have two dogs. One of them Toodles has known since she was a puppy. She likes him enough to sniff noses, but that’s about as far as it goes. The other dog is a new addition that Toodles tolerates–unless she gets too close to me. She reacts the same way to small children.

Her new thing is to hide under our bed. She ignores me calling her and won’t come out for treats, toys, or even sandwich time (when my partner packs his lunch in the morning, he gives the dogs a bite of chicken). Only two things get her out–mention of a car ride (both our dogs LOVE car rides) or  me climbing into the bed.

I hate it. I’m used to having her by my side when I’m at home. On top of that, it hurts my feelings when she won’t come out when I call her. So now we keep the bedroom door closed here in…

My Glass House

2 responses to “Made for Each Other”

  1. That’s adorable! Everyone needs love like that…I wonder why the hiding under the bed? I had a Yorkie I adored, and he did that sometimes when he wasn’t feeling well. I really miss him sometimes.

  2. You might be onto something…maybe she wasn’t feeling well. It’s kinda hard to tell with her because she’s so quirky anyway. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had…and I’m sure you noticed the name and know the reason for it!