New Directions?

Starting a blog is easy. Keeping it going is a bit more challenging. The internet is littered with the carcasses of failed and abandoned blogs.

I’m sure most bloggers fantasize about hitting the big league and making lots of money at least once in a while. But the vast majority of active blogs aren’t the least bit successful, at least by industry standards. And with few exceptions, most bloggers don’t care. They measure success with different yardsticks.

When I started this blog, I envisioned that by now, my recently penned memoir, Glass Houses, would be in print and steadily climbing the best seller list. This blog was intended to satisfy the never-ending curiosity of all my devoted fans. Thanks, all three of you, for keeping the dream alive.

Glass Houses isn’t likely to be in print any time in the next year…or two. I still believe it’s a great story, but I need to completely rewrite the first third or more and revamp most the rest. That’s going to take time, and thanks to my day job and a healthy lifestyle, time is in short supply.

Since the hordes of adoring Glass Houses fans have yet to materialize, a blog such as My Glass House is years, perhaps even decades ahead of its time. Until I’m famous, there’s just not going to be a lot of interest in my life. Same for the memoir. I’ll have a much easier time selling Glass Houses after I become famous.

So what about my second book, Addicted, the gay romance-slash-thriller novel? I planned to get the revised manuscript off to a publisher before I returned to Glass Houses. But now I don’t think that’s going to happen, either. The more I think about it, the more certain I am that a good prequel to Addicted is floating around in my head. I love Philip too much to keep his story to myself.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking more and more about a novel that takes place in the United States after the outbreak of the next Civil War. I’m going to do this one “by the book” with outlines, character sketches, and plot lines all mapped out before I write the first word. We’ll see how that compares with recollecting what happened for the memoir and making things up as I went along in Addicted.

My best made plans have never worked out. Something unexpected and unpredictable always comes along that forces a change of plans. But even if things do work out as planned, it looks like I’m not likely to have throngs of devoted fans anxiously awaiting my next book any time soon.

What then to do about this here blog? The original purpose–a platform from which to promote all the books I was getting published–is perhaps five years premature. That I’m such a visionary is just another reason why I need to keep blogging.

And I do need to keep blogging.

I’ve thought about resurrecting The Crotchety Old Man. He’s made several secret cameo appearances here on this blog and is always well-received.  And lord knows, with the election coming he’d have plenty to talk about.

The idea of a new blog about my ongoing struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle appeals to me, too. I was thinking of calling it something like “The Zumba King: Revealed” or “Adventures of the Zumba King.” I just want something that works better as a closing than…

My Glass House

7 responses to “New Directions?”

  1. Realizing the need to keep blogging and addressing the need to change things is important. It means you care about giving readers an enjoyable experience when reading your posts.

  2. Don’t stop. I’m usually several days behind (because I’m not seeing your blogs in the FB newsfeed any more, so I have to go in search of your posts). But eventually, I catch up. And I’d sure miss it if you stopped. So… if you change it up, or start a new one, please be sure that we, your devoted fans, want to know where to find you.

    I finally did post something in my own very-neglected blog… and wanted to share on FB. It’s supposed to pull automatically from networkedblogs… but it ain’t happening. And it was such a nice Mother’s Day message to share. Dang.

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    A fitting reblog after failing to make my Thursday deadline for the second time straight. LOL Keeping a blog is tough when there’s no pay and no immediate reward, but then again all writing is like that.

    • Thanks for the reblog! My deadlines aren’t hard and fast–more like “two or three times a week” than every Tuesday and Thursday. I can see the advantages of blogging on a regular schedule but enjoy the spontaneous nature of my current blog to much to give it up!

      • Deadlines are a fun challenge, and at the same time they help me generate traffic. If people know there’ll be posts twice a week, they’ll keep coming back.

  4. It’s easy to think of blogging as a thankless job, when there is no pay and so few readers,but for me writing is its own reward… Keep writing Michael, hope to read you again soon.

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  5. This is a great post! I am writing a memoir and launched a blog recently for the purpose of building a platform from which to promote my book. The problem is, now I spend all my time blogging instead of writing. Dammit! I am sure I could learn a lot from you. What is Glass Houses about? Do you have any content online for reading? Would love to check it out.