Almost There

The last six months have been crazy. I haven’t experienced this much change, over such a short period of time, since coming out more than thirty years ago. I dealt with my father’s illness in June and his passing in July; got my book deal in August; split up with my partner of twelve years in September; put my house on the market and got major new job responsibilities in October; and this month, I’m buying a new house.

Through it all, I’ve worked hard to maintain a positive attitude. It hasn’t always been easy, nor have I always been successful. But mostly, focusing on the positive has worked. I’ve tried to keep my eye on the prize–to get to my new normal. Now it looks like I’m almost there.

Dealing with the breakup has been the hardest part. But now, nearly two months later, I’ve had time to reflect and have come to terms with the reality that we’re both going to be better off. I grieve for what was, what might have been, and for the things I could have done differently, not because I want to hold on, but in order to let go. I’m a better person for having shared these years with him and grateful that our friendship will continue.

Two Guys and a Truck come tomorrow morning to move the last of his things out of the house. There’s not a lot left–just the big stuff. He’s been toting carloads over  to his condo ever since he closed on Monday, and has spent the night in a sleeping bag on his new bedroom floor since Tuesday. He’ll still be in and out, but after tomorrow, I’ll be living alone.

Tico has been here all week. He’ll be going to live with the ex tomorrow. I don’t know how Toodles will react–or Tico either. The good news is that we plan on getting them together regularly for playtime. I’m going to miss my little boy dog and his hugs, but am also looking forward to developing a new relationship with Toodles.

Between now and next weekend, I’ll be going through what’s left in the house to decide what goes in the garage sale and what I’ll take with me to my new house. We’re having the garage sale next Saturday–the 17th. Yeah, like I needed something else to do–especially getting ready for a garage sale. But I’m too cheap to just donate everything and besides, this way I make a little money AND someone else totes everything away.

I close on my new house next Friday–the day before the garage sale. By the time the ink dries, a horde of contractors will descend upon the place to begin renovations and repairs I’m hoping will be complete by the end of the month. I learned with my previous two houses that things I planned to do after the move tended not to happen, so I’m getting everything done before I move in.

There is still a ton that needs doing before the move. I’ve got lists of lists. But the good news is that having so much to do will make the time fly. Before you know it, I’ll be living my new normal with a new home base for…

My Glass House

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  1. As my niece says: Changes chachacha! : ) I don’t always transition well, but after I do it, I love it generally.