Weighing In

Ten Extra Pounds, Part 1

I weigh myself throughout the day and record my weight once a week. Vigilance works. Checking the scales enables me to act before an extra pound or two turns into ten.

Since 2010, I’ve paid twenty bucks a month to track my weekly weight online. Yeah, I could do the same thing for free with a spreadsheet. Paying keeps me honest.


Every week, I record my best morning weight from Sunday or Monday — whichever is lowest. Since losing forty pounds more than two years ago, my weight has stayed about the same, plus or minus no more than five pounds. At least I’m consistent.

Lately, things have gotten out of hand. Despite my watchfulness and favorable weigh in system, I’ve somehow managed to gain ten extra pounds in just a few weeks.

An overly generous reward system is my undoing. Junk food is my reward for losing a pound or two. After a good workout, I’ll treat myself to a couple of old-fashioneds from the Dunkin’ Donuts next door to the gym.

More on my reward system next week.