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Oct 19, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Lost in iSpace

Last Saturday, I finally got around to switching from Android and a piece of shoddy engineering known as the LG Ally to the beautiful and magnificent iPhone 4S. Now I know how Helen Keller must have felt when she figured out how to communicate with the world around her. OMG! It’s like the fifth dimension opened up to me–an alternate universe that only some people know exists. And now, my friends, I am one of them. I get it! Now those people you see with the devices permanently clutched in the left hand are my kindred spirits. More than that, we are one with the iUniverse. I love it here in iSpace so much that the real world doesn’t much …

Oct 16, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Trial Run

The dogs and I have been on our own since Thursday when my ex left for his dad’s wedding in Hawaii. We’re getting used to doing our own thing. For one reason or another, he hasn’t been here on weekends since we decided to restructure. This ten-day separation is a trial run for being on my own and the longest we’ve  been apart for years. Friday I made an offer on a new house. It’s like a miniature version of my current house on a much smaller lot in a lovely neighborhood I didn’t even know existed. It needs a good pressure-washing on the outside and has nasty carpet and walls in dire need of paint on the inside. Later …

Oct 12, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Hitting Home

The housing crisis has hit home…literally. Turns out, the asking price we believed to be well below market value is too high. The five-figure difference is significant. By significant, I mean painful. We’re talking serious ouch. I was devastated by the news. The cost is so high that I can’t afford to get out of my house. Waiting for the value to go back up will take years. The more I think about the situation, the more trapped I feel. My former partner closes on his condo at the end of this month. I have to admit that the idea of helping him to move out when I’m stuck in this house depresses me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really …

Oct 09, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Old Habits & New Technologies–New to Me, Anyway

I’ve always been the kind of person that balances my checking account every month. The habit started when I was in college. When every penny counted, the last thing I needed was a bounced check charge–or ten. Have you ever bounced just one check? No. They come in runs. Fortunately, it’s been ages since I’ve bounced a check. But the money management habits I developed during those early, poverty-stricken days persist. The differences are mostly the result of technology. Before I get into the particulars, let me say that I have been slow to take advantage of the available technology. I hear horror stories every day about identity theft, hacker attacks on big company databases, and problems folks have had …

Oct 06, 2012
By Michael Rupured


Okay. I admit it. I’m stressed out. My upbeat, positive attitude has helped me to cope. But the quantity of major life events I’ve experienced this year has just about depleted the sunshine I’ve managed to set aside for dark and cloudy days. In graduate school I remember reading studies about a stress scale that assigned points to various life events. The higher the score, the more likely you are to experience stress-related illness. Thanks to my friend, Google, I found the scale this morning and filled it out for myself. Click here to check your own stress level. My score is a few points shy of 400. Scoring over 300 means I “have a high or very high risk …

Oct 03, 2012
By Michael Rupured
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My roommate/best friend/ex-lover would say he gets blamed for stuff I do around the house. For example, I can’t find X and demand to know what he’s done with it. He insists he hasn’t touched X, but I know better because I NEVER misplace things. I slam, bang, and cuss for the next fifteen or twenty minutes, only to discover that X is exactly where I left it. I just forgot. For a dozen years now, nothing has ever been my fault. If something doesn’t get done–not my fault. If it gets done wrong, that’s not my fault either. If I gained weight, it’s because he cooked too much fattening food. It’s his fault I don’t get as much exercise as …

Oct 01, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Picture Perfect

The “for sale” sign has been up in front of my house for ten days. My realtor assures me that interest among other realtors is high, and that information about my house is becoming available on more and more outlets. I’ve also seen several people stop and pick up one of the information sheets from the curbside box. But so far, I haven’t heard a peep from any potential buyers. I hear it takes a few weeks for lookers to materialize. In the meantime, we’ve been sprucing things up around here and trying to keep everything picture perfect and ready to show at a moment’s notice. If I clean it, they will come. Early on I spent my time outside. You …

Sep 30, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Flying Solo

The partner who moved with me to Georgia fifteen years ago insisted we be active in the thriving gay community here in Athens. We went to an all-gay potluck dinner every month and attended fund-raising events throughout the year for the annual Boybutante Ball. We even became charter members of an all gay church here in Athens–Our Lady of Perpetual Drama. After our relationship came to an ugly end, he got the church and most of our male friends. Come to find out, he was sleeping with half of them. Except for a few close friends here in Athens, I more or less went into seclusion. That’s when I met my young friend online. Over the next twelve years we …

Sep 27, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Seven Things

Thanks to manty67 over at Him, Her, & Us for nominating me for Seven Things. Pop over to learn seven things about her, and to see the other nominees. Seven things about me: 1) I love Broadway musicals–not all of them, but most. My favorite is Miss Saigon. My least favorite–Rent. Sorry. I just didn’t get it. The fact it was the favorite show of an ex I can’t stand might have something to do with it (see #6). 2) I’m a Dance Dance Revolution freak and earn Bs and Cs on most songs on Standard level. For the uninitiated, that means I’m good–especially for a 54 year-old white man from the suburbs. 3) Every now and then, I have …

Sep 23, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Operation Beautification

The “for sale” sign is up in my front yard. The listing will be available online today or tomorrow. To prepare for what we hope will be a steady parade of potential buyers, yesterday we launched Operation Beautification. Because keeping this house was never in the cards, most of the work is already done. Five years ago we decided to get it ready to sell so we could buy a place closer to campus. Since then we’ve painted inside and out, simplified the landscaping, installed hardwood floors in the great room/dining room, and replaced the carpet in all three bedrooms. Our next project would have been to remodel the fifteen year-old kitchen. Otherwise, the inside of the house is in great …