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Sep 10, 2012

Meet Sue Brown

Today’s post is provided by the fabulous Sue Brown. She’s published about twenty books and has included an excerpt from her latest novel, The Isle of…Where?  I’m honored to share her words of wisdom with you.  I’m featured on Sue’s blog today, too. Visit here. With no further ado, here’s Sue! What? You have a book accepted by a publisher? You are about to launch your writing onto an unsuspecting world? CONGRATULATIONS!! My publisher tells me she accepts eight percent of all the manuscripts she sees. I imagine the numbers must be similar for most publishing houses. But wait… If you haven’t got that far, if the book is still a gleam in your eye, read Sue’s 5 Simple Tips …
Sep 09, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Seriously, Venting is Not Whining

The pace sure has picked up for me here in the last month. Seems like there just isn’t enough time for everything I need to do. Even after a week off from my day job, I’m feeling stressed. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not complaining. I’m grateful for each and every item on my over-full plate. But until I adjust to the additional weight, keeping the plate balanced so nothing falls off the side is going to be a challenge. As is often the case, it’s not so much one thing as the many. Again, I’m not complaining. My busy would still be a welcome and relaxing change of pace for any mother with children still at home. I’m fully aware …

Sep 08, 2012

Blog Interview: It’s Raining Men

Thanks to Michael Mandrake for interviewing me for the blog, It’s Raining Men. You can read the interview here. Hope you’re enjoying the opportunity to visit a few blogs besides… My Glass House
Sep 07, 2012
By Michael Rupured

At the Family Compound

Vacations mean different things to different people. My favorite getaway is the beach. Relaxing by the water, getting too much sun, and eating seafood every day make for a nice change from normal routines. Nothing else comes close for me. My partner grew up vacationing in Panama City Beach. His grandmother lives there. Eventually, they added a second story apartment to her home, bought the place next door, and put a swimming pool between them with privacy fence on either end. I call it the family compound. Portions are owned by different people and have changed hands several times without ever leaving the family, the most recent being last year when my partner’s dad made the second building his permanent …

Sep 06, 2012

Guest Post & Blog Interview

Today I’m a guest on Jana Denardo’s blog which she calls Zen gardening, insane cats, and the written word. You can read the post here, and see what she’s written and how to get it here. She’ll be appearing here on My Glass House soon to share her path to becoming a published author. Thanks to MA Church for my first blog interview. You can read it here on her blog, Decadent Delights. Drop by both blogs and say hello. And thanks for stopping by… My Glass House
Sep 04, 2012
By Michael Rupured
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Forever Changed

What happened to August? Normally, August and January vie for the longest months of the year. Yeah, I know other months have the same number of days. But temperature extremes associated with the first and eighth months make them drag for me. Not this year. Cooler, wetter weather helped. It’s still plenty hot, but not oppressive. We haven’t had enough rain to bust the drought, but lawns and landscapes look better than usual for the season. Dad’s double-orange day lilies are thriving and I’ve only had to water them once. August 2012 was a milestone month and an emotional roller coaster. I buried my father and got an advance for my first novel. In between, I traveled across Georgia to …

Sep 03, 2012

Guest Post for Tali Spencer

Today I’m appearing on Tali Spencer’s blog, Brilliant Disguise: Other Worlds, Other Loves. You can read the post here. If you like fantasy or science fiction, check out her books while you’re Sorcerer’s Knot is scheduled for release September 12th. Tali will tell you more about it two weeks from today here on… My Glass House
Sep 02, 2012

Guest Post for Chris Kat

Today I’m delighted to appear on Chris Kat’s blog. Chris has not one, not two, but THREE books coming out this fall! Check out her blog and my post here. Watch for a post from Chris soon here on… My Glass House
Aug 30, 2012
By Michael Rupured
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Loyalty Oath

Not too long ago, I knew everyone who read my blog personally. Maybe we went to school together, or worked for the same employer, or did the same kind of work. The connection, whatever it is, was face-to-face and in real time at some point in the last fifty years. The number of visitors to my blog has gone up a lot over time. Some days I get more than 200 hits. But  I still feel like I know the majority of you in person. Even if we’ve never actually met, we’re friends on Facebook, or follow each other on Twitter, or read each others’ blogs or email each other. I know you too well to think of you as my …

Aug 28, 2012

Guest Post for Eden Winters

I’m honored to appear on Eden Winters’ blog, Greetings from the Trailer Park share my early literary influences with her fans. You can see my post here. Coming soon, a post from Eden for fans of… My Glass House
Aug 27, 2012

Meet Adrienne Wilder

I met Michael Rupured when he brought a memoir called Glass Houses for critique to the writing group I was in.  I was one of the first lucky people to get to read it.  It needed work but it was good.  There were parts that had me rolling in the floor and laughing until I cried.  What I saw, more than well structured writing, was the potential talent of a future fiction writer. I told Michael he should write a novel.  I don’t think he believed me at first, but he thought about it and then decided to go for it.  I’m glad he did. Few writers ever see their very first works picked up by a publisher.  I think …
Aug 26, 2012
By Michael Rupured

My Life as a Romance Novelist: The Weekend

Panic motivated me to take the day off from work last Friday. Being a romance novelist is a lot more work than I knew. I needed a three-day weekend to get my act together. I spent most of the weekend in my recliner with two chihuahuas between my legs and a Macbook on my lap. The end table to my right is piled high with papers, unopened mail, various office supplies, and the giant stack of sympathy cards I got from coworkers and friends after Dad passed away. I’d put a coffee pot on it if there was room. Friday morning I ran for an hour and mowed part of the yard. My partner spent the night at the Rock …

Aug 23, 2012
By Michael Rupured

What Have I Done Now?

Since learning how to read, most the writers I know have dreamed about getting a book published. Not me. Until last year, the idea that I could write a novel had never even entered my mind. Writing fiction was on a rather long list of inabilities that I inherited from my mother. We can’t do calculus, learn a foreign language, or understand anything related to physics or chemistry, either. It’s a family curse. When I started writing my novel, being so new at it, getting published was an abstract idea about something in the distant future. I definitely wanted to have my book published. But I’d learned enough to know that the odds were not in my favor. I set …

Aug 22, 2012
By Michael Rupured

Living on Cloud Nine

I’m still happily ensconced atop Cloud Nine. Life is good here–full of promise and possibilities. I like it a lot. All I think about is Dreamspinner Press’s upcoming release of Until Thanksgiving–my first novel. Since Wednesday I’ve called or emailed everyone I know who isn’t on Facebook or Twitter, chatted with all my pals at the gym, and stopped into every office in my building to share the news. I’ve run out of people to tell. I even told my department head and the dean of my college. I’ve been calling myself a published author at every opportunity. I smile in the mirror fifteen or twenty times a day and say, “Hello, published author!” This morning on the drive into work …

Aug 20, 2012
By Michael Rupured

My New Normal

Too much has changed in the past month for my life to ever return to normal. I lost my father. But the end to his suffering and his inability to do the things he wanted to do prevent me from being sad. Mostly, I feel a profound sense of relief–like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The end turned out so much better than I ever would have expected, and for that I will always be grateful. Then I got the life-changing e-mail message from Dreamspinner Press. That was five days ago, and I’m still firmly anchored to Cloud Nine. My cheeks hurt from the giant and ever present grin on my face. I don’t think I’ve …