Yesterday I had my weekly appointment with Armand, my personal trainer. I told him I was getting frustrated and discouraged by my lack of progress. He begged to differ, saying he could tell a big difference since I started working with him two months ago.

I wasn’t convinced, so Armand decided to take all my measurements again.  I was pleased but not overly impressed that my percent body fat had dropped by a full point since the last reading.

Then he pulled out the tape measure. My calves are two inches bigger than they were two months ago. My thighs and waist are unchanged. My chest, shoulders, and arms each increased by at least two inches. Wow, I guess I’ve made more progress than I thought.

For the next thirty minutes he worked me like I was a contestant on Biggest Loser. I have only myself to blame. See if I complain about a lack of progress again.

This morning it was time for my official weigh in. I’m pleased to report that for the second week in a row, I lost weight. It was only a half pound, but considering how much I overate at a birthday dinner for a friend on Saturday night, I’ll take it.

I’ve also made progress on another front. Today I finally finished Addicted. Yes, I still have some revisions, but the book now has a start, a middle, and at long last, an ending with which I’m more or less happy.

Today I submitted the last five chapters to the Writer’s Group for our December 17 meeting. Though the limit is 5,000 words, my submission is nearly 7,500 words. I don’t think they’ll mind and suspect they’ll be as glad to reach the end as I was. They’ve been critiquing small sections since April.

I’m sure they’ll have many suggestions for changes to tighten things up. My plan is to follow their suggestions (or at least, the ones I like) and get the revisions done as fast as I can. Then I’ll be ready to tackle revisions to Glass Houses.

It’s a good time of year for it. The colder weather keeps me inside. Aside from work and time at the gym, I’ll be able to focus on the revisions because there will be little reason for leaving…

My Glass House

4 responses to “Progress!”

  1. Yeah, never tell your personal trainer that youre not pleased with your results. Ha!
    Can’t wait to read the end of Addicted. Wish I could be at the meeting, but you’ll still get my comments.

    • The last chapter is more than a little weak, but at least it’s done. I’m hoping for some good suggestions for improvement. I don’t know how I’ll cope without you but will try to manage somehow. It would be worse if I wasn’t seeing you on the 16th 🙂

  2. And I haven’t even finished GH yet. 🙁 I have suspicions that my daughter has a Kindle or Nook for me for Christmas. I simply must get over my aversion to “electronic reading”. I definitely can’t wait to read Addicted, but I also want to read the uncensored version. 🙂