Another Award!

The nice lady at Floating With the Breeze has nominated my blog for a Reader Appreciation Award. Wow! That’s the second award my blog has been nominated for in as many days. Thank you so much!

As before, these nominations come with stipulations. There are certain questions I must answer. And with me, most the time all you really need to do is ask.

What is my favorite color? Depends on what you’re talking about. I like clear red flowers, turquoise water at a white sandy beach, the rich green of Kentucky Bluegrass in the spring, and black pants because my ass doesn’t look quite so big.

What is my favorite animal? A little five-pound, long-haired Chihuahua named Toodles. She completes me.

What is my favorite non-alcoholic beverage? Toss up between lightly sweetened tea and strong black coffee.

Facebook or Twitter? Both, though I have to admit that tweeting feels a lot like yelling from the bottom of the ocean.

Favorite pattern? The official UGA tartan. Stuff made with it costs three and four times as much because of all the licensing. My partner has a tie. I don’t have squat.

Do you prefer getting or giving presents. Giving. Ask my niece and nephew.

Favorite number? Fifty–the age at when life truly begins.

Favorite day of the week? Friday. I know. Could I be more bourgeois?

Favorite flower? Wow. Tough question because I have so many. If I had to pick just one, it would be delphiniums. The complex flowers on five foot tall stalks are gorgeous.

What is my passion?  I’m passionate about improving financial literacy and writing stories the reader can’t put down. I’ve had many passions in the past. Check out My Interests for more.

Who are my nominees for the Reader Appreciation Award?

The View Outside, Glass Half Full, I Face the Sun, Inside NanaBread’s Head,  and Kat’s Cradle. Congratulations!

Outside the world where we small-time bloggers live, these awards don’t mean much. I’ll admit it. But for me, to receive acknowledgement from my peers (other small-time bloggers) means someone has noticed my blog and decided it’s good enough to highlight with an award nomination. I know. It’s not much, but I’ll take it, gladly, and place it with honor on the mantle here in…

My Glass House

7 responses to “Another Award!”

  1. Congrats, again, Michael! Validation is pleasing to the soul, & well-deserved for “MY GLASS HOUSE,” my favorite blog.