Full Circle

Ten Extra Pounds, Part 6

This is the sixth and final week of my 10 Extra Pounds series. Since starting the series, I haven’t lost any weight. In truth, I’ve continued to gain. At least the pace has slowed.

Ten pounds makes a big difference. My clothes are a bit too snug. On my runs, my knees, ankles, and shins complain. The extra weight added almost three minutes to my pace for a mile too.

Graphs on the web site where I record my weekly weight revealed a pattern. I put on ten or more pounds this time of year in each of the last three years. December or January I could understand, but May and June?

I told my ex about the pattern. He determined the cause right away: As soon as he said the words, I knew he was right.

I take an antidepressant every winter for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Living in Georgia helps, but the drug makes a big difference. Without it, I put on the pounds lke a bear preparing to hibernate and have a hard time staying awake after the sun goes down.

Going to bed early isn’t a big deal. I opted for the drug for my weight. Going on the antidepressant keeps me from gaining over the winter.


The antidepressant I use is wellbutrin. It’s often prescribed to folks who want to stop smoking too. I’m no expert, but sounds like maybe the drug tempers obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

At least now I know.

Ten Extra Pounds was supposed to be one post – two at the most. Shorter posts are the rage these days. Thanks for sticking with the series.