Make it Stop!

Ten Extra Pounds, Part 5

Concern about ten extra pounds motivated me to act. Mostly, I worried. Unfortunately, as an emotional eater, my response was counterproductive. I ate like there was no tomorrow.

Most days, I do fine from the time I get up in the morning until supper. Travel and catered meetings aside, my problem is post-supper grazing. I’ll snack until bedtime and then get up two or three times a night for more.

On travel days, delivery is fast and easy. A sandwich from Jimmy John’s is my go-to choice. Sometimes I get chips, sometimes not, but I always get at least one of their delicious chocolate chip cookies.

After my day in Savannah, I split a large pizza and chocolate dunkers with a friend. We agreed the dunkers weren’t very good. I ate all but his two to be sure.

Eating junk all day leaves little appetite for supper. Several hours after a dainty green salad, my appetite would return. Crackers, cheese, fruit, almonds, and ice cream filled me up, but left me wanting something more substantial.

So I ‘d cook. I fixed scrambled eggs with bacon and toast one night, and cream of wheat with toasted English muffins the next. Another night, I made white rice with Chow Mein noodles and whipped up some peanut butter pancakes for dessert.

Eating all these carb-heavy treats was bad enough. Chowing down right before going to bed compounded my error. I knew, but couldn’t stop myself.

I finally figured out what was going on. Find out next week when the series concludes.