Back to WW-ork

The Weight Watchers app is back on my phone. I lost nearly fifty pounds on the program more than ten years ago and have been thinking about giving it another go. Television ads about the new WW piqued my interest. An attractive sale sealed the deal.

I haven’t exercised for months and eat way too much junk. The only running I do is to the grocery when I’m out of cranberry juice, orange juice, ice cream, roasted almonds, whipped cream, or chocolate-covered raisins. Gotta have my healthy snacks.

Signing up for WW reactivated my old account. Everything from the first go-around was there. Much to my surprise, I weigh EXACTLY the same as I did in 2011.

Customizing the diet around my preferences really appealed to me. I’m a Blue and have much more freedom than with the old program. Zero-point items for me include eggs, fish, and chicken along with most fruits and vegetables. Keeping track is easier too.

Keeping track is an eye-opening pain in the ass. Last time, most my healthy choices weren’t all that healthy (like the 26-point salad for lunch every day). This time, grazing on my healthy snacks is the problem. Being more mindful of what I consume makes a difference. Finding out my favorite snacks cost so many points helps too.

Unfortunately, I went to the grocery with no idea I’d be signing up the next day. Breakfast used up all my points for the day — including zero-point eggs. By dinner, I’d burned through my extra points for the week.

So I’m easing into the program by finding out the point values for all my favorite foods. Next time I shop for groceries, zero-point items will top my list. With so many options, sticking to the plan should be easy. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

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