Working It

Ten Extra Pounds, Part 3

A six-mile run and a generous reward system caused me to gain a few pounds. No reason for concern. Nine times out of ten, I lose weight the week after a bad weigh in.

Persistence is the key to success. Getting back on track became my top priority. The universe, however, conspired against me.

Back-to-back buffets at the office got my week off to a bad start. There’s always too much food. I do what I can to make sure nothing goes to waste.

A caterer prepared trays of sandwiches, chips, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies for our faculty retreat. The hummusy-tasting pimiento cheese sandwiches were a tad dry. The chips were easier to resist than the baked treats.

The next day, a big reception to was held to celebrate several major life events for an administrator. The staff went all out, serving a big cake, assorted cookies, and a variety of homemade treats. Everything was delicious. Leftovers were readily available around the office for the rest of the week.

Come Sunday and Monday, my weight had jumped a few more pounds. Fluctuations of a pound or two were common. Gaining two weeks in a row was unusual, but happened.

Unusual circumstances caused me to gain weight. The obvious solution was to get back to my routine. Find out next week if I succeeded.