Ongoing Relationship Issues

You haven’t read anything about my diet and exercise program since me and Healthy Lifestyle started feuding early last month. I said then that we wouldn’t be having this trouble if she just didn’t expect so much from me. Seriously.

“Fine,” she said. “Do things your way. Remember how that worked for you? Remember where you were back before we met? Is that what you want?”

Lighten up, bitch.

And so it goes. That I know she’s right doesn’t keep me from resenting the way she bosses me around. I mean, really–I’m a grown-ass man.

I’m trying to exercise for at least thirty minutes, six days a week. Trying. I’ve missed a day or two here and there because of either the heat, travel for work, or medical procedures. Most days I manage about an hour.

Why only six days? Because I believe in the biblical imperative for a day of rest. I got the idea to pick the parts I wanted to believe in from the religious right. See, we can learn something from the other side.

I try to run twice a week. If it wasn’t so blasted hot, I’d run more often. Can you believe it?

My strength training program has suffered the most. This week, because of the holiday, I missed my session with the trainer. I worked out on my own last nearly two weeks ago.

Missing strength training bothers me. More than anything else I do, consistently hitting the weights twice a week makes a difference. Beneath all this excess fat is a muscular core just waiting for the chance to show itself.

Even Zumba has taken a hit. One of my regular classes was cancelled. They changed the time on another from 7 to 7:30. Getting home after eight was a stretch. Walking through the door all hot and sweaty at going on 9 just doesn’t work for me.

Every week I still record my weight, but I’ve quit keeping up with the number of Weight Watcher’s points I’m consuming or earning. It was just making me feel bad about myself anyway.

The upshot is that I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon. I might be dragging a leg or two in the dust, but I’m still hanging on. Just keeping it real, here in…

My Glass House

2 responses to “Ongoing Relationship Issues”

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to see things from your Other Half’s point of view. Trust me, I am hella there myself most days! Just remember that you can’t control anyone’s actions, but you can control how you react to them. I tell my fifth grade students that, then realize I should be taking my own advice.